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Solar Eclipse + Your Eyes

Solar Eclipse + Your Eyes
presented by The Alcon  Foundation

Total Solar Eclipse – April 8, 2024

Prevent Blindness Texas has planned a 12-month campaign to increase the public’s understanding about the importance of safely protecting your eyes during the solar eclipses. Opportunities exist for companies to be a retailer of the Prevent Blindness eclipse glasses or be a partner of the eclipse campaign.

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Countdown to the Next Eclipse:

2024/04/08 13:30:01

Solar Eclipse Partners

“Solar eclipses are stunning cosmic events that are just waiting to happen. Remember that gazing directly at the sun can result in solar retinopathy, a condition that may permanently lead to vision loss. It just takes a few hours for eyesight changes to take place following exposure. I have encountered one case of solar retinopathy. The patient saw a crescent-shaped afterimage in his central vision. Just a short duration of viewing the solar eclipse can put you at risk. When taking in the cosmic events in April, protect your eyes to reduce the chance of developing solar retinopathy.” -Dr. Pat Segu, former PBT Chair

What is a Solar Eclipse?

Protect Your Eyes

Solar Eclipse Glasses

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Who is PBT?

Prevent Blindness Texas is the state’s leading eye health and safety nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing blindness and preserving sight. Our work benefits the community by providing a continuum of quality vision care to individuals, giving them a better quality of life. While it is difficult to imagine a life without vision, almost 6 million out of 28 million Texans will feel the effects of severe vision loss by the year 2050. We focus on improving the state’s vision and eye health by enhancing community capacity through our programs of early detection, patient support, systems enhancement, public policy, public awareness, and health education. Half of all blindness can be prevented, yet this can only occur through these essential interventions.

Prevent Blindness Texas is committed to building strategic partnerships with those who support the vision space. It takes many community partners to impact and create a better system of care for patients. We hope you will consider the following partnership opportunities for the Solar Eclipse year and help PBT reach more communities.

PBT Solar Eclipse Partnerships April 8, 2023 through April 8, 2024

There are different types of partnerships for the upcoming Solar Eclipse which can be shaped in many ways to fit your needs. Companies can participate as partners or be retailers of the Prevent Blindness exclusive glasses. Please contact PBT at [email protected] for more information or tailored proposals.

PBT Solar Eclipse Toolkits

DO NOT look at the sun without your solar eclipse glasses. PBT never recommends pointing your camera or iphone directly at the sun without proper solar filters. If you plan to take pictures of the solar eclipse, please read and be aware of the following.

PBT Solar Eclipse Campaign Partners presented by The Alcon Foundation

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