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Healthy Eyes Educational Series


Are you a community health educator, outreach worker, public health professional, community or senior center program director, occupational health nurse, safety director, or employer looking for lunch-and-learn educational material on eye health and safety?

Use the Healthy Eyes Educational Series to build awareness among your clients, co-workers, employees or cohorts of eye and vision basics, common adult vision disorders, eye safety precautions and proactive behaviors that give the best chance for a lifetime of healthy vision.

Program Overview

The Healthy Eyes Educational Series is a series developed by Prevent Blindness America to build public awareness of eye and vision basics; to share information on common adult vision issues related to health and safety; and to encourage proactive behaviors that give the best chance for a lifetime of healthy vision.

The Need

Did you know that the annual cost of adult vision problems in the U.S. is $51.4 billion every year? While this number may be staggering, predictors indicate that this number could more than double over the next 30 years as the population ages and life expectancy rises.

Half of all blindness is preventable if the eye diseases or disorder is detected and treated early.  Regular eye exams from an eye care professional are necessary to stop the progression of vision loss.  Many eye diseases evolve without symptoms or the changes are so subtle that the individual adapts to the loss.  Unfortunately, even while virtually undetected, an eye diseases can reach to a point of no return.  The vision loss cannot be regained.

Vision loss isn’t just about disease or disorders, however 90% of eye injuries could have been prevented.  For example, every year doctors in emergency rooms across the county treat more than 250,000 product-related eye injuries, half of these happening at home.

Presentation Overview

The presentations are divided into modules to be customized for the audience.  The modular program includes a Presenter Guide and Power Point on various eye health and safety topics.

The modules include:

  • Eye Anatomy
  • Refractive Errors
  • Contact Lens Safety
  • Adult Eye Disorders
  • Low Vision
  • Home Safety
  • Workplace Safety
  • Sport Safety
  • Healthy Living, Healthy Vision

Ways to Promote Healthy Living, Healthy Vision

Contact a representative from your nearest Prevent Blindness Texas Regional Office to speak at your next event or to schedule an individual or group training.