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Thanks to our PBT Visionaries we are continuing to serve the vision needs of clients across Texas!

Prevent Blindness Texas is committed to building strategic partnerships with companies and individuals who support the vision space.

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The PBT Visionaries are corporate-level benefactors who support making healthy eyes a priority in Texas.

Show your support for vision programs in Texas!

For more information, please contact Angela Healy Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development at 214-528-5521 or [email protected].

It takes many community partners to impact and create a better system of care for patients. Working with businesses with which our organizational goals are aligned, PBT is working to develop more knowledgeable individuals on the signs and symptoms of vision issues and eye health problems to increase early detection of vision issues, to increase the number of people accessing appropriate quality eye care services in a timely manner, and to decrease vision and eye health issues related to diabetes. We know if we can increase the number of children screened and accessing follow-up services, we can help increase literacy and academic achievement. Our long-term goals are preservation of sight, prevention of vision loss, and improving health equity for all individuals, especially vulnerable populations. PBT knows we must elevate eye health as a critical component of the overall health conversation. We thank the PBT Visionary companies who are investing in the mission of PBT and the program outcomes for the communities of Texas. With the support from PBT Visionaries, this past year PBT achieved the following:

  • Screened more than 57,000 children and adults. PBT Visionaries logo
  • Certified 1,200 vision screeners through the national certification program.
  • In partnership with the eye care and health community, delivered patient education to more than 87,000 adults and children.
  • Provided 7,400 individuals with necessary follow-up services they would not have been able to receive without Prevent Blindness Texas.

I want to say thank you to Prevent Blindness Texas and all the donors who make the vision care programs possible. My name is Terry and I’m autistic. Living with a diagnosed neurodevelopmental disorder is very difficult. As an adult with autism, health care—especially eye care—is almost non-existent when indigent. If not for PBT and all the donors, I wouldn’t have glasses. The vision care program has given me the vision I lost. To everyone associated with PBT, your gift of sight is truly a blessing. I am so grateful.” Terry Pollard North Texas Region

PBT is well on our way to doing even more this year! We hope you will consider becoming a PBT Visionary and supporting vision programs in Texas.

For more information, please contact Angela Healy Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development at 214-528-5521 or [email protected].

These visionaries support events and programs such as Dark Dining Houston, Houston Eye Stroll for Vision, San Antonio Sequins & Sneakers Spectacle, Tee-Off to Prevent Blindness in North Texas and the Women’s Health and Vision Symposium.

Dark Dining Houston highlights and celebrates an agent of change who is a leader and visionary in the vision space, including patients, doctors, or executives who have made a lasting impact in the field. The honoree has the opportunity to address the audience, share their experiences, knowledge, and journey. The goal is to honor those who have made significant contributions to the field of vision and eye health. The target audience is approximately 150 participants of professionals in the industry as well as others of likeminded interests who support vision health in some capacity.

The Houston Eye Stroll for Vision engages families and contributors in the vision community to educate and bring awareness to the importance of eye health. We focus on who PBT is, what we do, and how we do it in communities across the state. The audience is the public at large, professionals in the vision space, and those who encourage vision health at any level.

San Antonio Sequins & Sneakers Spectacle celebrates the vision community in the southwest region and introduces the region to PBT’s mission and services. Guests will include vision professionals along with community leaders with interests in public health services.

Tee Off to Prevent Blindness is an engagement golf tournament for healthcare providers, optometrists, ophthalmologists, industry vendors, and professionals who support increased vision resources and eye health. The target number of in-person participants is 144.

The Women’s Health & Vision Symposium event is focused on highlighting women and discussing how to empower women in their eye health and overall health. The event is an opportunity to candidly discuss how women navigate the healthcare system both as a doctor and patient. PBT’s Women’s Health and Vision program presents educational experiences to help inform women of their vision loss risks associated with overall health issues. The program provides resources for connecting women to care and elevates the conversation of how to bring more women into the healthcare field. The audience is patients, providers, pharma partners, large healthcare systems, community healthcare systems, clinics, community partners, industry corporations, industry vendors, and community leaders—including advocates—and has approximately 200 participants.


Program support for a specific region or statewide can be added to any of the Visionary Levels for $5,000. The purpose of PBT programing is to prevent and reduce unnecessary vision loss by proactively expanding our services to increase our capacity to directly serve all individuals, especially vulnerable populations, and those most at risk for vision loss by providing access to preventative vision screenings, training, eye health education programs, and financial resources for follow-up services.

Become a PBT Visionary!

For more information, please contact Angela Healy Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development at 214-528-5521 or [email protected].