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Glaucoma Educator Course

Glaucoma Educator Program


The “Glaucoma Educator Program” covers the visual system and the signs, symptoms and treatments for glaucoma.

This glaucoma education program will equip vision center staff, health educators and community health workers to deliver patient education messages about how glaucoma affects the eyes, the importance of dilated comprehensive eye examinations, and strategies to prevent vision loss from the disease during interactions with high-risk individuals.

The objectives of the program are:

  • To train vision center staff and other healthcare or health education personnel with regular access to patients to become “Glaucoma Educators” to deliver education about glaucoma and the methods for vision preservation.
  • To provide “Glaucoma Educators” with the knowledge and materials to conduct one-on-one patient education at their facilities

All PBA programs are based on:

  • Medically accepted eye and vision health information
  • Standardized training, testing and reporting
  • Continual program evaluation

Participants will receive certification upon successful completion of the “Glaucoma Educator Program” and post-test.  Certified “Glaucoma Educators” will:

  • Receive patient education materials
  • Be able to implement the “Glaucoma Educator Program” into their facilities and programs

To become a certified “Glaucoma Educator”: