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Preventing Eye Injuries

How to Jump Start a Car Safely

Everyone with a car needs to know how to safely jump-start their car battery. You can prevent serious injury to your eyes by following these 10 simple suggestions.


  1. Check your battery for cracks, corrosion, and loose wires every time you change your oil.
  2. Always wear a pair of splash-proof polycarbonate goggles when jump-starting your battery. Your goggles should have a Z-87 label on the frame. This means your goggles are certified use during auto repairs.
  3. Never smoke or use anything that may spark when working on your battery. Car batteries contain hydrogen and oxygen, two gasses that could ignite and explode.
  4. Make sure your jumper cables are rust and corrosion free before using them. Check that there are no exposed wires on your cables. Never use electrical tape to cover exposed wires.
  5. Never jump-start your battery if your car’s fluids are frozen.
  6. Buy a battery that is recommended in your car owner’s manual.
  7. Never throw a car battery in a garbage dumpster or leave it in a parking lot, especially if it is cracked or otherwise damaged. Take it to a service station to have it disposed of properly.
  8. When choosing a new battery, make sure its terminals are sturdy and large enough for the clamps of your jumper cables. This will help you to attach them easily if necessary.
  9. Always call a professional if you are unsure of how to jump-start your battery.
  10. Prevent Blindness offers a battery safety sticker that lists the correct steps for jump-starting a battery. Call us at 1-800-331-2020 for a free sticker.