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Focused on providing a continuum of vision care, Prevent Blindness Texas touches the lives of thousands of Texans through our sight-saving programs and services everyday. Below are stories from Texans in your community, who have been impacted by Prevent Blindness Texas’s sight-saving programs.

Has Prevent Blindness Texas impacted your life?  If so, we would like to know. For more than 50 years, Prevent Blindness Texas has worked hard to impact the vision and lives of people in your community. Whether you are a client, donor, or volunteer, your story could impact an individual in this community and encourage them to help PREVENT BLINDNESS!

To share your story or to learn how Prevent Blindness Texas has impacted the lives of people in your community, please choose below:

VSP Mobile Eyes Program, September 2023

“I am grateful for this program helping me in my time of need. I currently cannot afford to pay for glasses so thank you for all you do.”

Healthy Eyes Eyeglass Program, October 2023

“After using this program for years, I have always been blessed from start to finish. The Healthy Eyes Eyeglasses Program is a blessing. The staff is very kind, and I am also grateful for the beautiful new glasses that I received.”

Healthy Eyes Eyeglass Program, September 2023

“I want to thank Prevent Blindness Texas for having a program that will help senior citizens and others less fortunate or in a lower income bracket with the ability to acquire eyeglasses without cost. A lot of senior and/or lower income communities do not have vision coverage. Being able to get eyewear without a cost is a tremendous help.”


Healthy Eyes Eyeglass Program, October 2023

“Being able to see is a beautiful blessing. I have utilized visual aids since the age of 13. When my eye prescription expires my overall health suffers. Having access to visual aids also has played a major part in my educational and job success or failure. Now at 50 years of age, experiencing health setbacks it is imperative that my eye health is monitored. Thanks to the Healthy Eyes Eyeglasses Program, I was able to afford these valuable medical devices.”

VSP Vision Eyes of Hope Program, September 2023

“Prevent Blindness Texas has helped me obtain the glasses that I need to see clearly, they have done this for two years. I am deeply thankful for them. I am disabled and not working so thru the county I live in they provided the application to get the help I needed! Thank you, Prevent Blindness Texas, for all your help.”

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PBT was awarded 2020 TPHA Vision Care Section Visionary Award!


PBT was awarded 2020 Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency!