Why Should I Volunteer?

Prevent Blindness America has the only national program that trains and certifies people around the country to conduct screenings that find vision problems in adults. Our screening procedures are recommended by many of the nation's leading eye care professionals and researchers.

Only an eye doctor can diagnose and treat a vision problem, but  vision screenings help find children and adults who need a full eye exam. Prevent Blindness America's vision screenings are an accurate, cost-effective way to find vision problems and refer people with signs of problems to eye doctors for professional care.

Our vital work and success is made possible by our staff and our current and future VOLUNTEERS like you! There are many volunteer opportunities available for both individuals and groups that help support the cause and mission of Prevent Blindness Texas.

What Type of Volunteer Positions are Available?

Prevent Blindness Texas has many volunteer opportunities available for both individuals and groups that help support our cause and mission. As a Prevent Blindness Texas volunteer, there is a wide-range of volunteer opportunities available such as becoming a certified vision screener, assisting at special events or participating in other ways that help us achieve our mission of preventing blindness and preserving sight. 

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Is there a Time Commitment Required to Volunteer?

Prevent Blindness Texas has a wide range of volunteer positions that require commitments of varying length and time.  Time commitments vary according to the area in which you choose to volunteer. Prevent Blindness Texas also offers internship opportunities for college students. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or can make a more significant time commitment, please consider becoming a Prevent Blindness Texas volunteer.

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How Old do I Have to be to Volunteer?

Most volunteer opportunities are open to adults who are at least 18 years old. To find out more information about possible volunteer opportunities for students who are in high school and 14-18 years of age, please contact your nearest Prevent Blindness Texas office.

Are there Internship Opportunities Available at Prevent Blindness Texas?

Yes, there are many internship opportunities available within different support areas. This position is unpaid, but offers a valuable learning experience for any college student looking to work in a non-profit sector when he/she graduates. For more information, please contact your nearest Prevent Blindness Texas office.

Are Volunteers Subject to Background Checks?

Background checks have become a major area of focus at Prevent Blindness Texas.  In order to ensure the protection of our clients and volunteers, mandatory background checks were implemented for all volunteers and employees. The background check initiative helps us achieve a safe and secure work environment for our clients, volunteers and employees.  Volunteers are not responsible for any costs or fees associated with the background check.

How do I Start the Process of Becoming a Volunteer?

To become a volunteer, please begin by downloading and reviewing the Volunteer Application Packet. Please complete and submit the required forms and a copy of identification to the Prevent Blindness Texas for which you are applying to become a volunteer. Once Prevent Blindness Texas reviews your application and completes a background check, you will be contacted to discuss your volunteer interests and availability. We look forward to meeting you and greatly appreciate your generosity of your time and talents. 

If you have additional questions or need additional information, please contact your nearest Prevent Blindness Texas office or call 1-888-98-SIGHT. Again, thank you for your interest in volunteering with Prevent Blindness Texas!  We look forward to hearing from you!

To download the Volunteer Application Packet, click here.