Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma can usually be treated and controlled using medicine(s), laser surgery, glaucoma surgery or a combination of these treatments. Medicines (eye drops) are typically the first step in treatment, but laser surgery may be just as effective as a first choice. Your treatment is up to you and your doctor. In this section, you will learn about your options for treatment.

Treating Glaucoma with Medicines

Eye doctors use many medicines to treat glaucoma. These drugs lower pressure inside the eye. Often, people with glaucoma must take these medicines for life to control the pressure and limit vision loss.

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Treating Glaucoma with Laser Surgery

Some people may need eye surgery to control their glaucoma. Lasers are very useful for treating glaucoma because they avoid cutting and have a lower chance of complications (compared to glaucoma surgery).

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Treating Glaucoma with Glaucoma Surgery

If medicine or laser surgery does not relieve eye pressure, a patient may need glaucoma surgery. There are several options.

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