Amsler Grid

The purpose of this section is to check adults for Macular Degeneration using an Amsler Grid pattern.

Before you take this test, you should know the difference between an eye check or test and an eye exam done by an eye doctor.

Taking the Test

Amsler Grid and Instruction Card, featuring Bettty White

Macular Degeneration is a disorder at the back of the eye in which the central part of one's vision is blocked as if a blurred area had been placed in the center of the picture. The image around the blurred area may be clearly visible. An abnormality in the appearance of the Amsler Grid pattern may indicate macular degeneration. If you notice any such abnormality, you should arrange for a professional eye exam. Please note that some people with AMD may not see a distortion on the Amsler grid.

Printable Amsler Grid

Click here, to download and print our Amsler Grid and instruction card, featuring Betty White.

What the results mean

If lines appear blurry, broken, distorted, or lines look like they are missing, please schedule an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as possible.

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